The Greater Scranton YMCA was awarded a $16,244 grant from AllOne Charities to support the inclusion of STEM equipment and educational materials in the YMCA’s Early Childhood Education Department.

The addition of STEM equipment and activities into the Greater Scranton YMCA’s Early Childhood Education curriculum will allow staff to make a greater educational impact on the growing number of children served. Through exposing young children to STEM activities and initiatives early in life, the groundwork will begin being laid, helping children enter kindergarten with a broader knowledge base and the tools and resources needed for success.

“We are so grateful to AllOne Charities for this generous grant award,” said Trish Fisher, President & CEO, Greater Scranton YMCA. “Enrollment in early learning programs continues to grow. We are so proud to provide the children in our care with access to daily opportunities to engage in STEM activities, as exposure to STEM initiatives is a critical component to academic success.”

For more information about the Greater Scranton YMCA’s Early Childhood Education Department, contact Tressa Parker, Education Director, at or visit the YMCA online at

Photo (left to right): Tressa Parker, Education Director, YMCA; Frank Apostolico, AllOne Foundation & Charities Board Member; Trish Parker, President & CEO, YMCA; John Cosgrove; Meghan Carnevale, Mission Advancement & Marketing Director, YMCA.

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