King’s College

December 29, 2022By News No Comments

King’s College Community Health Impact Program King’s College was granted $300,000 from AllOne Foundation for a Community Health Impact Program specifically addressing Food Security and Opioid Solutions. The Food Dignity Project The heart of the King’s College Food Dignity® Project established food marketplaces providing free healthy food, both perishable and non-perishable, at local nonprofits.  Opioid … Read More

ThinkBig Pediatric Cancer Fund

December 7, 2022By News No Comments

AllOne Charities granted $25,000 to ThinkBIG whose primary mission is to alleviate the stress of everyday financial expenses so families who are battling pediatric cancer can concentrate on treatment and healing. Not only is a pediatric cancer diagnosis a medically stressful time, it also soon becomes a very financially stressful time for families. ThinkBIG helps … Read More