In 2018 alone, more than 4,400 people died from drug overdoses in Pennsylvania. While this number represents an 18 percent decrease from 2017, the number of drug-related deaths that occur each year is an issue we are still facing in our communities.  AllOne Foundation is working to save lives and reduce the economic, social, and criminal justice costs of the opioid epidemic. After extensive research and countless town hall meetings, AllOne Foundation developed and is executing a successful, scalable, and sustainable philanthropic strategy on this issue. 

“AllOne Foundation is providing leadership on a strategy that includes the distribution of over $6,000,000 in funding to various organizations that service our community members in targeted areas that include education from elementary through college, addicted moms and infant recovery, alternative enforcement, prevention and improved access to treatment.” Stated Atty. John P. Moses, Chairman, AllOne Foundation.

On October 2, 2019, AllOne Foundation held the Opioid Crisis Solutions Symposium unveiling strategic plans with keynote speaker Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

The Opioid Solutions Symposium addressed key strategic target areas including: Addicted Women & Infant Recovery; Alternative Enforcement; Education & Prevention; and Improved Access to Treatment. The businesses and organizations within Northeastern Pennsylvania that have taken a lead in fighting the opioid crisis and coming together in a unified effort are The Wright Center, Treatment Court Advocacy Center (TCAC), Luzerne County Community College (LCCC), and the Children’s Service Center (CSC).  A unified collaboration between so many organizations involved in this effort is uncommon, but necessary. “We have all come together to develop solutions to this horrible crisis that we are all facing.” States John W. Cosgrove, the Executive Director at AllOne Foundation.

The Wright Center developed the Healthy Moms program providing intensive intervention for addicted mothers.  Judge Michael Barrasse is the immediate past Chairman of National Association of Drug Court Professionals and spearheads Treatment Court throughout the region and in particular rural areas. LCCC launched the first Institute for students in recovery because data evidences that students maintaining an educational tract have the greatest sustained recovery rates.  CSC places drug specialists into elementary schools identifying high risk students and implementing wrap around services for the child and their families. 

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