Bianca is a 4 year old girl that has had her share of challenges. Placed in a loving home, her adoptive parents wanted to give her every opportunity to be successful. Bianca started pre-school and enjoyed playing with her friends, listening to stories and using paints to create special pictures for mommy. Then one day, her mother received a note from the teacher that Bianca often had difficulty coloring in the lines and could not write her name. Thankfully, the Pocono Alliance’s Healthy Start Screening Program was scheduled to come to the pre-school the following week and provided free cognitive development, hearing and vision screenings. Bianca did not pass the vision screening and was referred to an optometrist who diagnosed her with an astigmatism. Soon after, Bianca received her first pair of glasses and shouted with joy, “I can see!” The Pocono Alliance’s Healthy Start Screening Program was funded by a grant from AllOne Charities to detect hearing, vision, and developmental issues for children of economically at-risk families.

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